Monday, October 17, 2011

Underwater...Again (The Underwater Observation Tube)

I just found out you can rent Subs here!!! Awesome!!!!!!!!
Had to take one out......

OK, got your attention. So what this actually is, is an underwater observation tube. It looks like this:

The tube was drilled into the ice and allowed to refreeze. It is very important that it refreezes before you enter it. Safety is a major concern here. So the tube is essentially a piece of steel pipe with a ladder that goes down to a short rope ladder ending in a glass enclosure with a wooden box to sit on and enjoy a once in a lifetime view. Here are shots of it going in:

Once it was clear to enter all you have to do is climb down......Yeah that's it...the idea itself seems a little absurd; but down I go....

(no that is not me; beautiful blond is to keep your attention)

So, once you're at the bottom, the lid needs to be closed to get the best view. Really? OK.

And here are the pictures; which as usual, barely show the true beauty and absolute awe inspiring views. Although you can only see a few things, you can hear everything, including the seals. Tried using the whale/seal call; you know from Finding Nemo?, but no luck. So here are what I took down there:

So that's my latest adventure....
Till Next Time ....Cooking on Ice

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  1. Wow! looks like fun but I bet a little scary being down and isolated. And yes the pretty blonde got our attention! Ha Ha! Look forward to the next posting.