Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Appalachian Trail.....day 4

Four days in to my hike, I lie in my bunk at a mountain hostel in Georgia. About 30 miles into it I have mixed emotions. I am enjoying the outdoors, the adventure, and the people I've met thus far. The rugged terrain of the mountains....well that's a different story. So far I have reduce my pack size twice. My original weight was a little over 50#. About 15 or 20# over were I should be. A learning process to say the least. Mentally it is challenging, physically it has been harder than I expected. It has been a roller coaster.....Way! less fun. So I guess I can summarize with the fact that at this point I am still committed to finish, but it will be far from a walk in the park. I will update as much as I can.....when I am in a town, and have the energy. Well its dinner time...sloppy joes cooked by the hostel. Shower, dinner, and food....awesome! Pictures next time. Promise....

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Appalachian Trail.....day 1

Well I made it....I'm in Georgia. Yet another adventure begins. I am staying at a hostel, my first ever. So tomorrow I begin a 2100 mile trek to Maine. If you have been following my blog, these posts will undoubtedly be shorter. I will try to post items of interest and as many pictures as possible. Where as before I battled just exhaustion and fought to stay awake; now I will mainly be concerned with battery life and Internet connection... oh yeah and the whole walking cross country thing. So just a quick hello and update...more to come. All I need is a new catch phrase.... any suggestions?

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Final Post of Antarctica

Well....it's over. It now seems so distant, almost like a dream. It was a very difficult but wonderful six months. I met some amazing people and had some remarkable adventures.

The sun is starting to set again, and the weather is going back to true Antarctic harshness....

The experience over all was great, I learned about myself, about other people, what I assume college would've been like, and how to cook for 1000 people. I learned about being part of a community and working while living with a large group of people. I think this will go to the top of my list of greatest adventures of my life. It will also go on the list of places I will have a sense of attachment to, and that at some point I considered and will consider home.......

So for the last time.......

                              "Cooking on ICE!"

Don't worry, I'll be back, hopefully next year AND...... There is a new adventure about to begin. Please follow my journey along The Appalachian Trail........... I will be updating on this blog and on my web page through The Lance Armstrong Foundation.