Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Appalachian Trail.....day 4

Four days in to my hike, I lie in my bunk at a mountain hostel in Georgia. About 30 miles into it I have mixed emotions. I am enjoying the outdoors, the adventure, and the people I've met thus far. The rugged terrain of the mountains....well that's a different story. So far I have reduce my pack size twice. My original weight was a little over 50#. About 15 or 20# over were I should be. A learning process to say the least. Mentally it is challenging, physically it has been harder than I expected. It has been a roller coaster.....Way! less fun. So I guess I can summarize with the fact that at this point I am still committed to finish, but it will be far from a walk in the park. I will update as much as I can.....when I am in a town, and have the energy. Well its dinner time...sloppy joes cooked by the hostel. Shower, dinner, and food....awesome! Pictures next time. Promise....

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