Thursday, August 8, 2013

I'mmmmmm Baccccck..........

I'mmmm Back......... Well not officially yet, but coming soon.

It's hard to believe but a year is almost over...

I have tried to continue this blog from The Pole, but due to poor internet speeds and satellite coverage I gave up. As I write this the satellite pass is dwindling and I will probably be forced to save this and post it in the middle of the night.

 I will be returning soon.(at least to the blog)  In about 90 days to be more precise. I'm sure you all wait with baited breath...the anticipation pulsing through your veins. Could this be bigger than the next Twilight release?....Bigger than Pepsi's Superbowl commercial?? ....only time will tell.

I will be reflecting on the year I am just wrapping up at The South Pole; a year in review if you will.
Also I will be sharing pictures and stories about my upcoming adventure....more info to follow.

 I will say only that it will take from early November until early January for me to make my way home. So stay tuned for more excitement and World exploration.....

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