Thursday, August 25, 2011

Delayed again!!! But vacation is great.

So once again got up at 230am, once again, delayed 4hrs. Got up at 730, and canceled...again. So went to the coastal town of Sumner. Wow was it beautiful! Reminded me of Germany a little.

I have never seen a rocky coast. Some of the rock were actually damaged by the earthquake.

They were kind of roped of and kind of said do not go near or climb......kind of.....

Mom look away!

This is what happened to houses right on the cliffs. The last one shows a pile of debris above the trucks or connex containers, that is half of the house in the picture above. Sad.

But there is still beauty to be seen. And the seagulls, a little better than NJ still love fries!

A LOT!!!!!!

Hope to leave tomorrow.....

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