Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My room and first looks around

Well I'm here and getting settled in. So far so good. I was ready for the whole roommate thing but was a little shocked by the rooms. None are the same and they all have different stuff in them. Here is mine:

Yes it is as small as it looks. Bed wall locker and nightstand. Guess you get what you pay for!

I took a quick walk outside. It had warmed up to about 5 degrees F, so it was nice walking weather. I was not actually authorized to go anywhere other than the immediate area until after last nights safety briefing. (More to follow) So here is a preview of my new home town.

The have giant sterioded out seagulls called Skuas here. Have not seen one yet, not until summer, but they are scavengers. They have a Goodwill of sorts where you can donate anything, and people scavenge it. Anything from hair clippers and board games, to shoes and sweaters. Its called the "Skua"

So as you can imagine plowing is a big deal down here. They use bulldozers, escavators, and this sweet number..

I've sat through about ten saftey meetings in the past week. This one will scare the crap out of you though. "Do this, you die" "Do that, you die" ; " Do this, you only freeze and possibly lose body parts!"

This video is a little shaky. It was hard to hold the camera and walk in the drifts, and breath.....I chose the more important of the tasks and cut the camera off......

Message heard. Now I'm not sure if I want to leave the building. Most of it is common sense. BUT....

The danger is real. It'll be summer soon......uh? I have my first day off tommorow and am planning on doing a little exploring. Very locally. Will post more then.

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  1. Wow, at least you cannot clutter the room. Ha ha! Good luck with the roomate being so close. I guess this may breed a close bond or you will kill each other. Can't wait to see more!