Sunday, August 14, 2011

Packing your life in to two bags....

So I have been faced with packing everything I could need into two bags. Two bags for six months in Antarctica. Hmmm....

They can be 70 pounds by my instructions for travel. OK. Then I come to discover airline standard is 50 pounds. So I race to Publix to put my bags on the scale and find out they are both about 45 pounds.
This being said, my life for the next six months will include a whopping 90 pounds of personnel items. I guess  I will find out how important "stuff" is to me. I mean, "I am a material girl and this is a material world"

Sorry, its been a long weekend.

I came up with a sure fire way to identify my bags at the airport. I was once told to tie ribbon on the handle. Nice, but feel a little funny picking up my bag with the flowery neon ribbon. So I went with Army duffel bags. I've packed enough to know I can jam 200 pounds in one if need be; they are durable, not that they mistreat your luggage at an airport; and with the current nationwide love of the military, I figure nobody will mess with them. I need to mark them, but with what? We used to put out name, unit, and social security number on them. Ok; name I got. Unit? Company E for Eskimo? Social security, not a chance these days. So just name and a creative (I think) little "M" on the bottom. Thanks to Monster Energy drinks for the midnight inspiration.

 Stressful, yet I feel like I'm ready. I have watched "Into The Wild" and "127 Hours" so I know what not to do. I've seen "Ice Road Truckers" and "Air Alaska" so I know what 20 below looks like. I guess now its time to cut off the cable and go truly live life.

Thanks to everyone for your support and good wishes. Keep following this its sure to get interesting.

In about 33 hours the adventure will begin........

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