Friday, December 13, 2013

Cambodia....3 days

   Three days in Cambodia; one word to describe it.....Temples! Although I saw quite a few temples, or Wats in Thailand; they pale in comparison to those of Cambodia. The main, and most striking, difference is the architecture. The temples of Thailand are newer with brilliant colors; reds and gold; encrusted with jewels and small colored pieces of glass and mirror. The temples of Cambodia show their age; they are stone; greys and tans; they have black mold and moss; some are overgrown or enveloped by the jungle. If I had to choose a favorite, I would say these are it. They are massive both the structures and the land they are built on; and they almost instantly transport you back in time. I saw a lot in three days, but know I could've spent days exploring; and may return to do so. As with many of the things I have seen; no words could possibly describe what they look like. A thought swirled in my mind as I look at the mysteries of Cambodia, resonating in my head so much so I wrote in a notebook. I will share my thought with you; I find it insightful; and it describes my feelings; in my mind, heart, and very soul. I will leave you with this and a few of the very many pictures I took:

"Sometimes I take a picture so I can later remember how something looked; sometimes I don't so I can forever remember how I saw it...." - Me

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