Thursday, December 5, 2013 5,6, & 7

       We arrived at Hoi An and unpacked, finally spending more than one day at the same local. It is a welcomed and needed break. After a quick freshening up we were guided on a walking tour of the city. It is still busy and crowded; but less so than the places I've been so far in S.E. Asia. I will keep this one brief as it is just an unwinding and recharging break. The city of Hoi An is very old and has a unique architecture; a combination of French, Chinese, and of course Vietnamese styles. There is a ton of shopping here, and unlike Bangkok the tailors seem much better. Two of the people on my tour have experience in the tailor industry and seemed pleased with what they saw. I decided to take the plunge and ordered two hand made suits. They are a silk wool blend with silk lined jacket. I am hopeful about how they will turn out; and I have a second fitting just 15 hours after my order. Now I just need shoes...which will be tough to find here...and a place to wear these suits. So, honestly not too much to write about, walking shopping, and eating. A interesting little morning trip I took was out into the countryside to see how they farm here and have lunch on the farm. It was nice and the people were very engaging. So I will leave you with this short entry and some pictures.....tomorrow I have a very early flight to Saigon. I am happy to get up early to avoid spending another 17 hours on the train.

Pretty interesting....these are incense that burn for up to two weeks. You make a wish and hang it in the temple.

Silk worms....

Watching how silk is made...very cool

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