Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Vietnam War....still odd to be The American

      It is odd to go to museums that deal with the Vietnam War. It has been said that the victor writes history...I guess that is true; but there are also two sides to every story. Obviously bad things; terrible; happened here...it is war! I am having a hard time gathering my thoughts on the issue and the way I feel being here, and witnessing as well as hearing relentless American bashing. By the end, I was just angry and tired of hearing it. I am sad to say for as much as I enjoyed Vietnam; I was really ready to move on. I will not judge, or lump everyone as a whole; but I will just say enough was enough...............
    It was true it happened, but a: I was not personally here; and b: it was over 30 years ago. I think it is good to remember history; to learn and grow from it; but lets also move on. I am sorry for what happened for both sides. Remember Vietnam....we came to help....and we lost a lot of soldiers to....boys. Enough said; here are some pictures so you can understand what I mean. I will add one note; that I never claimed to be anything but an American. I did not hide it; and I think sometimes people were shocked. It was for me often uncomfortable....but I did not waiver; and that gave me some pride in myself. So this is a short entry; but right now I honestly just want to put it behind me....to put it simply "I'm just over it!"

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