Friday, December 27, 2013

India....eight days (part 2)

   Once again I have fallen behind on this blog; it all seems so distant now. While trying to be diligent, it usually is more a case of internet access rather than time. So here is Jaipur and most importantly; what I really came to see....Taj!

      Our first stop was a "stepwell"; the truly amazing thing was not the well, but the fact that people carried buckets of water up all these stairs.

        This was located in a small and horribly poor neighborhood. The highs and lows of taking a guided tour come in waves. I'm glad I saw the well, as I would've surely missed it on my own, but I could've done without a tour of the neighborhood.

           Although I think my heart has hardened to the struggles of people in these countries; not to say I don't feel bad; but I can't save them all; the kids kill me. I feel horrible that this is their station in life. I was glad to see this school and feel the hope that they may; at least a few; escape this place.

       My final stop was the long awaited, and much anticipated Taj Mahal. No words can describe it; it's just something you must see. The only way to describe it is perfect. Perfect design, perfect construction, and above all perfect love. The writing shown below, is around the door to the crypt; it is from the Koran, and describes what "Paradise" looks like. That was the goal of the Taj, to replicate "Paradise" on Earth, for his wife. I will just close with the best of my pictures, and let them speak for Taj's majesty...


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