Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thailand day 1

       Well, I finally made it....Thailand!!!! It was a long flight, and I must admit that Emirates Airlines, was to say the least disappointing. Cramped doesn't even begin to describe it. The flight to New Zealand a year ago, on Quantas was great; this flight from New Zealand to Sydney, not so much so. I asked at the counter in Sydney if I could switch seats, and to be honest by then I was willing to pay for business or even (gulp) 1st class. Instead I got an attitude and the same exact seat on the same plane. Great, only 9 more hours. Luckily there was a seat open and the girl next to me moved to sit with her boyfriend, so I had a little breathing room.
       Upon entry into Bangkok, I walked for a good 15 minutes to get to customs. BKK must be one of the largest airports in the world. I thought immigration would be quick, no such luck. The line went on for ever; even at 1am. The one police officer told me to just put Bangkok city in the space for where I was staying; I did as he told me. When I got to the next officer who checked me through, he immediately threw me out of line; along with 4 or 5 other people. I added the hotel and he eventually let me through. I am still not sure about the whole visa thing....I may or may not have one. No customs to speak of, just wandered on through the airport and out into the streets of Bangkok. I got a taxi to the hotel and he said it would be 500Baht. As we drove I was getting nervous thinking I was going on a tour of the city, but it turned out he took me right there.....and 500 Baht is about $16.
      Then the not so great start took a pleasant change at 3 am. I checked into the hotel, and the two people working were wonderful; super nice and surprisingly awake for the time. They informed me I had been upgraded free of charge to a suite. Nice! The gentlemen walked me up to the room and explained the amenities. I can't wait to see all of them as well as begin exploring...after some sleep. 4 am guess I should try to adjust to the time and get some rest. At this point I am mentally as excited as a kid on Christmas morning; physically I feel like said kids parents.....

       More tomorrow.....


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