Friday, November 22, 2013 9

        So today, once again, I was on the move. I left the dismal and dilapidated Baiyoke Sky utterly disappointed, and moved to the next hotel, The Riva Surya Riverside. I had high hopes for a better feel to this hotel, still missing the first place. I was not disappointed. 

         I was met by two lovely an older gentlemen/ doorman, who offered to carry my bag; which I am certain weighed more than he did. I declined and entered the lobby. I was met by two lovely ladies who asked my name and told me to please take a seat. A young man offered me a drink, which looked like a cold tea; maybe ginger or lotus, as I had at the spa. I didn't take it but thanked him kindly, as he slipped away behind the door he entered from. I thought I was waiting for check in time; but in actuality, I was being checked in from the comfort of the couch. Now that's service. They finished and showed me to my room. I entered to find a far different room and bed than at the last place; my back still hurting from two nights in that bed, I collapsed onto the pillow top mattress. Ahhh......

           I went for a quick look around the area to get a lay of the surroundings. It was typical Bangkok; nothing new....

           I wandered around a bit and headed back to the hotel. The riverside; what I came for was all that I had hoped for.The river is The Chao Phraya,and flows for about 230 miles from the central plains of Thailand were it is formed by two rivers meeting into the Gulf of Thailand. It is and always has been important to Thailand for commerce. The Grand Palace ans Wat Arun are both located here. More on those tomorrow...stay tuned. As for me; it was a welcomed oasis, albeit still somewhat busy, from the city I have been so deeply immersed in.

               Rather than the normal cabs and buses there are boats of all sizes. It is quite amazing to watch how fast they drive and dodge each other; but I guess that is no different than the land traffic. I enjoyed the sights and sounds for a bit; and then decided to get a quick workout before dinner.

               From the pool and river area you can see the King Rama V bridge. It is the largest bridge crossing the river.

         I went out to enjoy dinner by the river and watch day fade to night. There was a cool and inviting breeze and some good music in the deck. 

       A wonderful and tranquil spot in this bustling city. One last note to the day, I was shocked to see how amazing my appetizer looked....and tasted. It was described as a salad with chicken wings. I expected just that, a salad topped with chicken tenders, or a cobb of sorts. What I got was the most ornate order of chicken wings in the history of chicken wings. I will leave you until tomorrow with a picture of them. Tomorrow begins the cultural part of my trip......


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