Friday, November 29, 2013 16

     So as the sun rises on my final day in Bangkok, I sit and reflect on my time here.....


               I woke up around 4:30 am so I decided to have a little breakfast and enjoy the rare and welcomed quiet. I needed to once again move to another hotel. I will spend my last day directly across from the airport. I have a 7 am flight so I figured the closer the better; chancing traffic is just too risky here. It was a good choice; I discovered as the trip was the better part of an hour. The one thing I have liked about every hotel is although check in is 2 pm I have showed up early to every one and never had an issue. The hotel is quite nice; obviously catering to business travelers; as I looked around there were conference rooms surrounding the lobby; all busy and full. I went to my room and put my things down. In hotels here you have to put your electronic key into a slot right by the door to turn the electric on. Not a big deal, but it shuts the A/C off every time you leave.

          A nice feature is the control box bedside. It controls the lights, alarm clock, and a make up room/ do not disturb sign outside the door.

          The long ride here gave me time to think once again about my time here. Although I really enjoyed the overall experience here; I think that Bangkok; as I may have said before; is just another big city. It like many cities has some beautiful spots, monuments, and history; but it is also dirty and very busy.

          I guess that travelers must feel the same way about a big city in the States. If you went to Philly or DC, there are tons of things to see; and a lot of beauty; go a few blocks in the wrong direction and it is shocking. I am not judging Thailand as a whole; and will certainly come back to Thailand; probably just not Bangkok. If I do it will be for a much shorter time.

           After I checked in I went out to see what was in the area. I took one step out of the hotel parking lot and was stopped by a cabbie....."need a ride?....massage?...". I turned right around and headed back to my room. Enough is enough! The street was the same as every other one in Bangkok. I wanted one last sampling of street food, but instead opted for Fajitas at the hotel bar and grill. I loved the temples, and museums, but the packed streets and constant harassment...well I can just do without it.

      A little side note; I did like the multi-faith convenience on hand; or in drawer; at the hotel. This is the first time I have seen this.....

             So, I guess this closes one chapter of my trip; tomorrow begins a new one......stay tuned!!!!!!


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